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  During this semester I have watched a lot of English movies,such as Homeless to Harvard,the King’s Speech,Inception and so on.Every movie is great and I like the film Homeless to Harvard most.

  This film show up a story about a strong-minded girl named Liz on how she goes through all the difficulties to realize herself .Liz grows up in the environment filled with cigarettes, drags ,alcohol . Not having a happy family ,Liz , burdened with all unpleasant things,but she is very kind-hearted.She loves her mother ,although her mother infected with Aids because of addicted todrags.her Daddoes’t take care of her and her sister.So they have to live in lecherous grandpa’s with their dying mum.But liz’ grandpa dislikes her And finallyshe loses her home which has gone out of order . However ,Liz has no choice but to live a reprobate life .

  Life is always full of surprising changes . Mom’s passing away seems to be a great turning point in her life , thus making her decide to push herself into a marvelous life . She begins to attend school , studying day and night . With her intelligence and diligence , she poses as the first one to be admitted to Harvard in time and finally gets the scholarship provided by New York Times .

  What impresses me most is liz’s spirit by which she overcomes all the obstacles on her way to happiness . Although surrounded with such terrible environment at her young age , she still thinks the most memorable thing is her mother taking her to a park , screaming and laughing instead of her great achievement .

  "I can find plenty of excuses to give in to this life and also I can push myself towards a better life " , says her . I am guessing that the director indicates a fact that people struggling in the lowest class should have such a desire to fight against the unfair to realize themselves . And I realizein a flash that there exists many persons like Liz around China , taking Hong Zhanhui for example .

  Sometimes , as is the case with Liz , we have no choice but to stick to moving towards and appreciate all the hardships rather than complain , to find the beauties in the despair of life .Liz lays a good example to us and I am convinced that as long as we keep on moving , one day we will achieve our goals !


  The poorest Harvard student

  If there is no miracle, let’s create one!


  Liz Murray lives in an unfortunate family. Her parents died because of drugs. She was homeless when she is very young. But the cruel fate can’t surrender her. The break family, the decadent life,the broken kinship, the discrimination and bullying of classmates……

  She had nothing! But she had her dream! She wanted to change her life! She wanted to reach her goal!

  After her efforts that we can’t imagine. She finished her senior high school’s lessons for only two years! She got into Harvard University! 以均分為95的成績獲得了紐約時報的全額獎學金贊助!

  She created the miracle that from stray female to Harvard doctoral student!

  Her grandpa didn”t let her into the house. She hoped she can have a family! But then she found: Where was her mother, her home was there. She took care of her mother secretly. Liz’s parents are her gods. Although they gave Liz nothing, except Liz’s life. But Liz let her parents into her heart forever.

  So,no matter how many difficulties she met. Her heart filled with love! She never surrendered to the fate! So, she is promising! She is chaste! So, she can scan this society. She can scan herself! She can choose her life! She can aspire her dream!

  "I know I can succeed! I just need a chance! I need the chance that clime out of this place that I was born in",She got "A-"from her homework. Her teacher said:" ‘A-‘is a very high mark and this is your first homework" But she said: "I want to know how can I get A+ I want you correct it."

  She strived for the chance .她用行動詮釋了自己。她的付出超出我們所能想象的程度!

  She said: "I love my mother so much. I never forgot that she loves me, all the time, all the time ,all the time……",touched everyone’s hearts.

  When she was standing on Harvard University platform, a reporter asked her: "Liz, how did you do this" Liz answered:"How can I not do itMy parents showed me what possibility was" We have been touched and we admired her!

  From her life, she learned adamancy, she learned to tolerate. Her success let everyone Thumbs up!

  Liz let us see the best and the worst of America. She is our model.

  We all can change our fate, if we have dream and double efforts. We need to face reality optimistically .No matter how many difficulty we met in our life, o choose your road, to reach your goal until your life becomes meaningful! Don’t complain your misfortune! Rainbow hasn”t been seen until someone has experienced difficulties. If you think you can, you can!

  Believe in yourself! Tomorrow will be good then before!

  Never forget: No matter how bad your parents are, they gave you everything they have. So, we should often tell your parents: "I love you forever!"

  Liz經歷了常人不敢想象的成長道路。 At last, she reached her goal! So, if there is no miracle, let’s create one!


  Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story (風雨哈佛路)

  Hello everyone :

  Today I will give a speech about the film Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story!

  If there are really a movie that can’t be missed, I think it is this. I felt I was so lucky when I finished watching it because this film really gave me much.

  She is called Liz, she is not a normal person like her families, at least she herself holds this opinion. Her parents are both drug addicts ,at the same time ,her mother is a drunkard(酒鬼)。 No one can talk about his or her birth with the God, including Liz. She was born in a family with no money, no hope or anything else about happiness. She has never been cared for by her parents! Even she usually has no food to eat, no clothes to change, let alone books to read. But she does not hate them at all, for all of her life. In this film we can see how she loves her families. She takes care of her sick mother at an age that she should be taken care of. As she says, it seems that her mother were more like her baby.

  After her mother’s death she decides to go to school instead of escaping life. She knows that one must try her best to do well as long as he/she is alive. She faces the choice and she does the right one. Some people live just to survive(有些人活着只是為了生存) but she doesn’t. She wants to change the condition and she knows working hard can make it come true, so she does. And she succeeds.

  Some of us may meet some difficulties which can’t be talked with Liz’s at the same time. But we can see how many gave it up. We could submit to everything that is happening and live a life of excuses but we could also push ourselves and make our life better(我們可以為自己尋找各種借口對生活低頭,但也可以迫使自己創造更好的生活). Sometimes we just need the courage to say that we have no choice but being successful, the courage to say that we must try harder to win more respects, the courage to say that I am gonna to work as hard as I possibly can, and see what will happens!

  Compared with Liz, we are lucky enough. We have good physical condition and environment. We have no reason to let anyone down. Liz is optimistic , she feel that she is lucky because she has no security, no other ways to choose, so she has to go ahead! Maybe we give ourselves too much room to escape. We need to question our heart: What’s your dream How do you plan to live your life Have you really tried your best Why can’t you make it while others can

  People should be inspired and by something from time to time. If you need, I think this is a good chance. That’s all, thank you!

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